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Monday, September 20, 2021

Delete a Slide in Google Slides

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Use Your Keyboard or the Context Menu

You can quickly delete a slide in Google Slides by using the Delete key on your keyboard or by selecting the Delete option from the context menu.

First, click the slide you want to delete from the left-hand pane. You can also select multiple slides by holding the Shift key while clicking the slides.

The border of the slide will turn yellow when selected.

Select the slide in the left-hand pane.

Once selected, press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Alternatively, right-click the slide and then select “Delete” from the context menu that appears.

Select "Delete" from the context menu.

Regardless of which method you choose, the selected slide will be deleted.

Delete a Slide Using the Menu Bar

There’s also a simple way to delete a slide using an option from the menu bar. First, select the slide you want to delete. You’ll know the slide is selected when its border turns yellow. If you want to select multiple slides, hold the Shift key while clicking them.

Select multiple slides in Google Slides.

Once selected, click “Edit” in the menu bar. In the drop-down menu that appears, click “Delete.”

Click Edit and then click Delete.

The selected slides will be deleted.

Delete a Slide While in Grid View

Some presentations may be quite lengthy and have many slides. Using the Grid view makes it easier to locate these slides. Once you locate the slide, you can delete it the same way you would from the left-hand pane in Normal view.

First, click “View” in the menu bar and then select “Grid View.” Alternatively, use the Ctrl+Alt+1 keyboard shortcut.

Click View and then select Grid View.

Once in Grid view, select the slide or slides you want to delete by clicking them (hold the Shift key to select multiple slides). Next, simply press the Delete key or right-click any selected slide and then click “Delete” from the context menu.

Click Delete from the context menu.

The selected slide or slides will be removed.

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