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Monday, September 6, 2021

Apply Text Formatting on Reddit

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Basic Formatting Options

Here are a few basic formatting options that everyone can use for their posts.


*italics* – Italics
**bold** – bold
***bold italics*** – bold italics
~~strikethrough~~ – strikethrough

The above formatting options are ways to emphasize parts of the text. You can wrap single asterisks (*) to italicize a block of text, two (**) to bold a text, and three (***) to put both bold and italics on text. You can also add a line through text with a strikethrough, using two tildes (~~) before and after.

Sections and Headers

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3

The actual font size of these header sections varies from browser to browser. These are intended to separate different sections of a Reddit text post. This is especially true if the text post is fairly long and comprehensive, like a guide or a timeline. Like other documents, the largest size is header 1, followed by 2 and 3.

In-Line Links and Automatic Links

[Reddit Link]( – Reddit Link
u/nameofuser – u/reddit
r/nameofsubreddit – r/AskReddit

To create a link on Reddit, wrap the link text in brackets ([ ]), then place the link immediately after in parentheses. These links must have “http,” “https,” or similar link schemes in them.

You can also have Reddit automatically create certain links for you. Typing “u/” followed by the name of a Reddit user will link to the user with that name. On the other hand, “r/” followed by the name of a subreddit will link to that community. These two are case-sensitive, so make sure to always type them in the lowercase.

Quotes and Code

> Quoted Text
>> Nested Quote Text 

`Code Text`

To quote text from a different user or another source, place a greater-than sign or angled bracket (>) before the text. To add a nested quote within that quote, use two angled brackets (>>) before the text. To turn text into code, place a backtick (`) at the beginning and end of the text.

Line Breaks and Lines

Line Break

Paragraph -enter-
Line Break

Single line breaks are made up of four spaces (    ), while double line breaks, or paragraph breaks, are two spaces, which you get by hitting the enter button twice.


If you use three asterisks, you will also get a horizontal line, also called a line divider, which looks like this:

Advanced Formatting


* Item 1
* Item 2

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

1. Numbered Item 1
2. Numbered Item 2

  1. Numbered Item 1
  2. Numbered Item 2

To create an unordered list, place asterisks (*), plus signs (+), or minus signs (-) before each item. Then add a line break between each item. For numbered lists, place a number and a period (1., 2., etc.) before each item. It will number these items starting from one. You cannot create a non-ascending list, so all lists will automatically be formatted to start from one going upwards.


>!spoiler text!<

If you want to hide a particular block of text so you don’t spoil the ending of a movie or book, use spoiler tags. Wrap the text in “>!” and “!<” tags, and it will prevent someone from seeing a block of text unless the user clicks on it.

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