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Thursday, August 19, 2021

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account


How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Before you go ahead and remove your Facebook account from existence, you may want to backup your information from the company’s servers. Facebook has a tool to help you download all your data in one manageable ZIP file.

You can download your information from the “Your Facebook Information” page in Settings.

You can back up all your Facebook data by downloading it from the following Settings option.

Fire up a browser and head to your Facebook Settings page. Click “Your Facebook Information” and then select the “Deactivation and Deletion” option from the list of settings available.

Click on "Deactivation and deletion" from the options below.

Tick the box next to “Permanently Delete Account” and then click “Continue to Account Deletion” when you’re ready to proceed.

Select "Permanently delete account" and click "Continue to account deletion" to proceed.

Before you go on, Facebook will warn you of the ramifications that go along with permanently deleting your account.

Back up any of the data you want to save and, if you’re sure this is the right choice for you, click the “Delete Account” button.

In case you don't want to delete your account, you can choose to deactivate it instead. You're also given the option to download your information here as well.

As one last security step, you have to enter your password before you can delete your account. Click “Continue” after doing so.

Enter your password and click "Continue."

Even though Facebook claims to remove everything, if you’re a bit more paranoid about previous status updates, photos, and posts sticking around, you can remove everything before deleting your account.

One final message from Facebook informing you that in case you change your mind, the company will hold onto your profile and data for 30 days. Click the “Delete Account” button to proceed.

Read the warning and click "Delete account" when you're ready to continue.

That’s it. Facebook will sign you out and return you to the “Log into Facebook” page.

That's it. Your account has now been deleted and you're free from Facebook (in 30 days).

Even though you have chosen to delete your account, there is still a 30-day window to reactivate your account. Facebook does this in case you have a sudden change of heart and do decide you want to keep it after all. Simply head to Facebook and log in with your email and password to reinstate your account.

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