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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Few Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Edge

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Edge still has many of the features you’d expect to find in a modern browser. They should be easy to find now that much of the clutter from Internet Explorer has been stripped way.

  • Private Browsing: Open the menu from the toolbar and select New InPrivate window to open a private-browsing mode window. In this mode, your browser history data won’t be saved.
  • Pin to Start: Edge allows you to open the menu and select Pin to Start to pin the current web page to the Start menu or Start screen as a tile, allowing you to open it quickly. Clicking or tapping the tile will open the web page in Edge, not its own browser window.

  • Open with Internet Explorer: If you do need to open a web page with Internet Explorer, you can just tap the menu button and select Open with Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is also buried in the All Apps menu under the “Windows Accessories” folder. For example, you may need to do this if you need to use a legacy web app that requires a browser plug-in like Java or Silverlight.
  • Dark Theme: Like many other modern Windows 10 apps, Edge includes a dark theme as well as its default light theme. To activate it, open the menu and select “Dark” under “Choose a theme.”

  • Disable Flash: Microsoft Edge includes an integrated Flash Player, just as Google Chrome does. This is the only browser plug-in that works in Microsoft Edge. If you’d like to disable it for security reasons, you can do so by opening the settings menu, tapping View advanced settings, and setting “Use Adobe Flash Player” to “Off.”
  • Change Your Default Search Engine: Microsoft Edge uses Bing by default, but you can have it use any search engine you like — as long as that search engine offers an OpenSearch plug-in. 

You’ll find a variety of other ways to customize Edge’s interface in its Settings menu, too. For example, you can enable a Home button to quickly take you back to your preferred home page. You could activate the “Show the favorites bar” setting to get an always-present toolbar for easier access to your favorite web pages.

You can also configure which web pages Edge opens when you launch it, and what exactly appears when you open a New tab page. For example, you can make the New tab page largely blank without the “suggested content.”

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