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Monday, August 9, 2021

Easily Customize Do Not Disturb in Google Pixel Phones

 Do Not Disturb on a Google Pixel

How to Customize Do Not Disturb

The “Do Not Disturb” options are found in the “Sound” settings. First, swipe down from the top of the screen twice, and then tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

open the device settings

Go to Sound (or Sound & Vibration) > Do Not Disturb.

android sound settings

We’ll start in the top section. This is where you can decide which people and apps can break through “Do Not Disturb” mode. Tap “People” to get started.

tap people to begin

Tap “Calls” to choose which people will be able to ring your phone while it’s in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

next tap calls

Choose one of the following options from the list.

  • Starred Contacts: Anyone who you’ve saved as a starred contact.
  • Contacts: Anyone who is saved in your contacts.
  • Anyone: Anyone who calls your phone.
  • None: All calls will be muted during Do Not Disturb mode.

call choices

If you choose “Starred Contacts,” you can tap the gear icon to add or remove people.

starred contacts settings

Select the icon in the top-right corner to add starred contacts, or tap the star icon to remove a starred contact. Tap the Back arrow when you’re done.

do not disturb add starred contacts

Next, toggle the switch on for “Allow Repeat Callers” if you would like any person to be able to get through when they call a second time within 15 minutes. Tap the Back arrow when you’re done.

allow repeat callers

Now, we’re going to do the same thing for text messaging. Tap “Messages.”

select messages

You’ll see the same options that were available in the “Calls” section.

call choices

If you choose “Starred Contacts,” you can customize your starred contacts again by tapping the gear icon. Tap the Back arrow when you’re done.

The last thing to set up in the People section is “Conversations.” Starting in Android 11, you can highlight specific conversations in messaging apps. In the context of Do Not Disturb mode, maybe you don’t want to be notified if a friend hits you up on Facebook Messenger, but you do want to know if they send you an urgent SMS.

The options in “Conversations” are as follows. You can tap the gear icon next to the options to adjust which conversations are included.

  • All Conversations: Any conversation that you’ve moved to the Conversations section of the notifications.
  • Priority Conversations: Conversations that you’ve marked as “Priority.”
  • None: Ignore conversations.

conversations options

Now that we’ve set up Calls and Messages, we can customize which other notifications are allowed during Do Not Disturb mode. Select “Alarms & Other Interruptions.”

select alarms & others

You’ll see a list of notification types with toggles next to them. Select the ones that you’d like to see during Do Not Disturb mode.

select notifications

The last section to cover is “Apps.” This shows which apps will be able to alert you during Do Not Disturb mode.

select apps


The “Apps That Can Interrupt” will be shown at the top. Notice that they may say “Some Notifications.” You can select an app to fine-tune exactly which notifications are allowed to interrupt.

select an app from the list

To add more apps to this list, tap “Add Apps.”

tap add apps

The page will expand with a full list of apps on your device. Select the app that you wish to add.

select an app to add

You’ll be brought to a page with all the different types of notifications that can come from the app. Toggle the switch for any that you’d like to allow during Do Not Disturb mode.

choose notification types

Once you’re finished adding apps, go back to the main “Do Not Disturb” settings. The next thing that we’re going to do is choose how long Do Not Disturb mode will run from the Quick Settings button.

quick settings options

You can choose to keep it on “Until You Turn Off,” set a custom time length, or have it “Ask Every Time.” Tap “OK” when you’re finished.

quick settings toggle action

Next, select “Display Options for Hidden Notifications.” This will determine what notifications that are blocked during Do Not Disturb mode look and sound like.

hidden notification options

From here, there are three options:

  • No Sound from Notifications: Notifications will still appear, but they won’t make a sound.
  • No Visuals or Sound from Notifications: You won’t see or hear the notifications.
  • Custom: Select this to make very specific choices about how notifications appear.

hide notification options

If you choose “Custom,” tap the gear icon to bring up the options. You can select several different variables to determine exactly how notifications will appear in different situations.

Lastly, we can set up a schedule for Do Not Disturb mode. Tap “Schedules.”

set up a schedule

There will be a few different preset schedules that you can use. If you have previously set up “Bedtime Mode” on your phone, you’ll see that enabled as one of the schedules.

To create your own custom schedule, tap “Add More” at the bottom.

do not disturb add a schedule

You’ll be asked to choose a schedule type first. “Event” will run Do Not Disturb based on calendar events. “Time” will run Do Not Disturb at selected times.

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