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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Tips to Install and Uninstall Windows Creators Update Without Any Error


1: Create a Complete Backup of your System

Making a complete backup of your system restore points will allow you to deal with any update error.

If in case the installation Process fails then you will have the option to roll back the process.

Create a full backup of your system data and settings to go back to the previous installation if something goes wrong.

2: Make sure that Your System Has Enough Storage Space

It is always suggested to keep your system’s storage free, as a system with not enough space will display errors like Error Code 0x80070070 and 0x8007000d or unable to install the update.

So it is recommended to make sure that the space on the hard drive is enough.

To avoid storage issues, make sure that your device has at least 20GB of free space available for the download and installation of Windows 10 creators update.

3: Uninstall Security and Non-essential Apps

Security Programs and other unwanted software could be the reason that your device fails to install an update.

In case your system contains an antivirus other than Windows Defender, or any other security tools then disable it temporarily or uninstall the software before starting to download/install the update.

4: Disconnect Non-Essential Peripherals

Incompatible peripheral devices can affect the Windows 10 upgrade process.

If your system has any unwanted or unused or non-essential peripheral devices then remove them as soon as possible and after that download the available update.

Remove non-essential hardware devices like printers, webcams, external storage media, and more from your system which you want to update.

5: Export Important Settings

Note down all of your system’s particular configurations/settings.

This is recommended because after upgrading Windows 10 system to Creators Update it reset some of your settings such as privacy and default apps settings.

So if you don’t want to modify your previous settings then you should note down all of them and apply after upgrading.

Now after successfully following the tips try to install the Creators Update on Windows 10.

Nevertheless, there are many users who are still encountering various errors while trying to install or and after updating their Windows 10 system.

So, in this case, you can try to uninstall the update and rollback to the previous update.

How to Uninstall Windows 10 Creators Update?

If you are still facing various issues after installing Windows 10 Creators update and unable to solve them. Then uninstalling the Creators Update in Windows 10 works for you.

Follow the steps given to do so:

  • Go to Settings > Update & Security.

blue screen of death error

  • Find and select Recovery, > by selecting the Get Started Button > available under Go Back To A Previous Version Of Windows 10.
  • Next select why you are rolling back and select Next.
  • Select No Thanks followed by Next > Next again.
  • At last, choose Go Back To An Earlier Build.

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