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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Fix Volume Activation Error Code 0x8007232B, DNS name does not exist

If you’re on your Windows 10 Enterprise client and you see Activation Error Code 0x8007232B, then it means that your computer is not able to find the KMS server. The error message includes an error description – DNS name does not exist.

Its a Volume Activation Error which happens because of two reasons. First is when the KMS host doesn’t exist on the network, and admin might need to install MAK. Second, is when the KMS client, i.e., your computer is not able to find the KMS SRV RRs in DNS.  KMS notifies everyone about its presence by automatically creating service (SRV) resource records (RRs) on the DNS server.

0x8007232B Windows KMS Activation Error Code

Activation Error 0x8007232B, DNS name does not exist

Here are things you could try if you face Activation error 0x8007232B:

  1. Troubleshoot DNS
  2. Check KMS Host Installation
  3. Point KMS client to KMS Host
  4. Install MAK.

1] Troubleshoot DNS

Many a time it is a simple network issue, and instead of carrying out complex tasks or asking your admin, carry out a bit of network troubleshooting on your end. Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt Network troubleshooter (Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshooting). Use the Network Troubleshooter and even try flushing DNS.

2] Check KMS Host Installation

If you are an Admin, you need to confirm that a KMS host exists on the network where the client is connected.  Since KMS servers need to mark their presence through service (SRV) resource records (RRs), make sure that DNS publishing is enabled (default).

3] Point KMS client to KMS Host

In case the computer is not able to connect with the KMS host with everything in place, you can force point the KMS client to the KMS host.

Open a command prompt with elevated privileges.

Type the following and hit Enter:

slmgr.vbs /skms <kms_host_name>

SLMGR is a Windows Software Licensing Management Tool. This is a Visual Basic script, hence “.VBS “at the end, This tool lets admin configure licensing on any Windows server.

4] Install MAK

MAK stands for Multiple Activation Key.  If KMS keys are not working for some reason, and you need to activate Windows without any further delay, you can obtain and install a MAK; then, activate the system. MAK keys don’t need to pass through an in-house server. Windows Activation Server directly activates it, and hence it should work fine.

Do remember, that MAK keys cannot be recycled, and hence could a costly affair. If the computer goes through a reset or Windows is installed again, the count of the number of devices activated is not returned.

These tips should resolve the Volume Activation Error – DNS name does not exist, Code 0x8007232B on your Windows 10 computer.

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