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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Turn Tablet Mode On and Off on Windows 10


Toggle Tablet Mode Using Action Center

If you’d like to enable or disable tablet mode manually, the Windows 10 Action Center is probably the quickest way. First, open “Action Center” by tapping or clicking the notifications button in the corner of the taskbar. 

When the Action Center menu pops up, select the “Tablet Mode” button.

In the Windows 10 Action Center, tap the Tablet Mode button.

This button works as a toggle: If tablet mode is off when you use it, the button will turn it on. If tablet mode is on, the same button will turn it off.

Toggle Tablet Mode Using Windows Settings

You can also enable or disable tablet mode using Windows Settings. First, open “Settings,” then navigate to System > Tablet.

In System settings on Windows 10, click "Tablet."

In “Tablet” settings, click “Change additional tablet settings.”

In Windows 10 Tablet settings, click "Change additional tablet settings."

In “Change additional tablet settings,” you’ll see a switch labeled “Tablet mode.” Turn it “On” to enable tablet mode, and turn it “Off” to disable tablet mode.

In "Change additional tablet settings" in Windows 10, click the "Tablet mode" switch.

After that, exit Settings. And remember that you can always toggle tablet mode much quicker using the Action Center shortcut shown in the previous section. Have fun!

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