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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Setup Comcast Email (Mac Mail)


1 Comcast Client Question

In order to proceed we need to know which client you're wanting to use with your email.

Your client is the interface you use to access your email. This may be a webpage or a software program.

Windows Mail Windows mail icon
Mac MailMac Mail icon
Outlook 2016Outlook icon

Secondly, we will go through Mac Mail.

2 IMAP vs POP3

Both IMAP and POP3 are email protocols. IMAP stands for Internet Message Access ProtocolPOP3 stands for Post Office Protocol.

POP was the original protocol designed to download your emails to your local drive. IMAP came later and keeps your emails on the server.

Advantages of POP

  • Mail is stored locally on your computer and is accessible even without internet connection.
  • Internet connection is needed only for sending and receiving mail.
  • Option to leave copy of mail on server.
  • Consolidate multiple email accounts and servers into one inbox.

Advantages of IMAP

  • Mail is stored on a remote server and accessible from multiple different locations.
  • An Internet connection is needed to access mail.
  • Faster overview as only headers are downloaded until content is explicitly requested.
  • Mail is automatically backed up if server is managed properly.
  • Saves local storage space.
  • Option to store mail locally.

We recommend using IMAP. It's a more modern protocol. IMAP allows you to store your email on remote servers and synchronize your email among multiple devices, which is extremely important today, when most people have at least two devices - their laptop and smartphone.

3 Comcast Email Setup for Mac Mail (IMAP)

  1. Open Mail via the Dock icon or Applications then Mail.
    Mac Mail icon
  2. Select Mail and then Add Account.
    Mac Mail mail menu drop down showing add account
  3. Select Add Other Mail Account.
    MacOS add other mail account setting.
  4. Click Continue and type in the account details:
    macOS add a mail account fields.
  5. Click Sign In.
  6. Mail should sign in at this point and ask you which apps you want to use with the account. Select all and hit Done.
    macOS select the apps settings.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Mail should automatically sync.


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