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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Yahoo Mail


Create an Undisclosed Recipients Contact in Yahoo Mail

First, create an address book entry for "undisclosed recipients" in Yahoo Mail:

  1. 1. Select the Contacts icon in the upper-right section of Yahoo Mail (to the right of Sort) to open your address book.

    Yahoo mail with the Contacts button highlighted
  2. 2. Select New Contact in the left panel.

    Yahoo Mail's Contacts page with the New Contact button highlighted
  3. 3. Enter Undisclosed in the First Name field.

    Enter Undisclosed in the First Name field.
  4. 4. Enter Recipients in the Last Name field.

    Enter Recipients in the Last Name field.
  5. 5. Type your Yahoo Mail address in the Email field, and then select Save.

    Yahoo Mail's Add Contact screen with the Save button highlighted

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients

To send an email message to undisclosed recipients:

  1. 1. Compose a new message and select To at the top to bring up your address book.

    Yahoo Mail with the To field highlighted
  2. 2. Scroll down to Undisclosed Recipients and select the check box beside it.

    Tip: Alternatively, type undisclosed into the search bar that appears to quickly find the entry.

    Yahoo Mail with the checkbox next to
  3. 3. Select Done in the pop-up window to return to the message.

    Yahoo Mail with the Done button highlighted
  4. 4. Select CC/BCC to the right of the To field to open the CC and BCC fields in the email header.

    A blank email in Yahoo Mail with the CC/BCC button highlighted
  5. 5. Enter all desired recipients in the BCC field.

    Note: Use an address book group to send messages to multiple people more efficiently.

    Enter all desired recipients in the BCC field.
  6. 6. Compose your message and select Send.

You will receive a copy of the message, and your address will show up in the To field. The recipients will be able to see that the email is from you, but they will not be able to see the names of the other recipients.

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