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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How to Enable or Disable Narrator Home

Enable or Disable Narrator Home

Narrator in Windows 10 introduced some new features, including a new dialog called Quick Start Guide – it is intended to teach the user the basics of using Narrator, including its keyboard shortcuts, navigation, commands you can use, and more. With Windows 10 version 1903, Quick Start Guide was replaced with a new ‘Narrator Home’ screen.

To Enable or Disable Narrator Home on your Windows 10 device, do the following:

  • Open Settings.

  • From the Settings menu, click Ease of Access.

  • Click Narrator on the left pane.

Tip: You can quickly start Narrator from any app by using the global hotkey Win + Ctrl + Enter. Also, the Win + Ctrl + N keyboard shortcut for Windows 10 will lead you directly to Narrator settings page.

  • On the right pane, scroll down to the Show Narrator Home when Narrator starts option.

  • Check (enable) or Uncheck (disable) per requirement.

  • Exit Settings.

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