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Sunday, June 27, 2021

How to Change the Microphone Volume in Control Panel

 If you prefer to use Control Panel to adjust your microphone settings, this is an option too. 

  1. 1. Open Control Panel as you normally would and click Hardware and Sound.

    Select Hardware and Sound in Control Panel.
  2. 2. Select Sound

    Choose Sound.
  3. 3. Go to the Recording tab.

    Click the Recording tab.
  4. 4. Right-click the Microphone you want to adjust the volume for and choose Properties. Alternatively, select the Microphone and click the Properties button.

    Right-click the Microphone and pick Properties.
  5. 5. Go to the Levels tab and use the slider to change the volume or enter a higher number in the text box to increase it.

    Select the Levels tab and use the slider or enter a number for the volume.
  6. 6. Click OK to close each pop-up window and apply the volume change.

Tip: For a fast way to open the microphone settings in Control Panel, right-click the Speaker Volume icon in your taskbar and pick Sounds. Then, follow the remaining instructions from Step 3 above to adjust your microphone volume.

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