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Thursday, June 24, 2021

How to Add additional Microsoft accounts in Windows 10

Microsoft account

If you have more than one Microsoft account, you can add all of them to Windows, along with each of their contact lists, emails, and calendar events. Open Settings> Accounts> Email and accounts and click Add a Microsoft account under the Accounts used by other applications section.

added accounts

Enter the Microsoft account email address and password in the sign-in window, and then follow the prompts to sign in and authenticate the account. The additional Microsoft account should then be listed in the Email and accounts section.

manage accounts

You can view emails, contacts, and calendar events from other Microsoft accounts in the Mail app. Click the Accounts entry on the left, then click Add Account in the right pane. The Microsoft account you just added should appear at the top of the list. Click on it, then click Done. The account is added to the Mail app, where you can now access their email, calendar, and contacts.

choose a microsoft account

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