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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Guide to Get The DNS Server Role Installed On Windows Server 2016

 1. Open the Server Manager window and proceed to Local Server

2. Click Manage and "Add Roles and Features."

3. Once the Add Roles and Features Wizard window appears, take the time to read the information in the "Before you begin" section before clicking next

4. If you are using Role-based or Feature-based installation, select the radio button next to it

5. Select the server you wish to use for this role. Typically for a DNS-Only setup, it's the same one as the machine you're looking at this on. However, the option to remotely install the role is available

6. Select the DNS Server role.

7. A window then asks you to confirm the dependencies (usually just the Administration Tools required for the DNS role) also to be installed. Click Add Features, as this is usually required

8. The check box should be marked in a black check icon. (The black box in this window typically means that not all features are installed in this tree. Usually, this is, by default, a thing for File and Storage Services). Then click Next to move forward

9. In the features window, you can install additional features which are often not needed for a DNS-only configuration, however, do not hesitate to take a look at them and keep them in mind if you find an absolute need for them later

10. In the next window, it gives you a brief description of the services and their functions, indicating things that may be affected by this role or requires this role to be installed

11. The final confirmation of the installation. It presents the option to restart the destination server (recommended for bulk installations) and returns you to the server manager window

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