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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Easily Disable the Windows Key on Windows 10


Run winkill to Disable the Windows Keys

The Windows key pulls up the Start menu, and when pressed with other keys, it can trigger other Windows-related shortcuts. If you find yourself accidentally doing this while gaming, watching videos, etc., you can avoid this distraction by simply disabling the key.

One way to do this is by running a small, portable program to disable Windows keys instantly. Enabling them again is as simple as pressing one button, meaning that you can switch between enabled and disabled mode at any time (no reboot required, like the other methods below).

  1. 1. Download winkill and extract the contents from the ZIP file.

  2. 2. Execute WinKill.exe from the folder. If you're asked to confirm, select Run.

    WinKill program highlighted in folder
  3. 3. Both Windows keys are instantly disabled by default. To enable them or quickly toggle between on and off, right-click the program's icon in the notification area (near the clock) and choose Toggle. You can also double-click the icon.

    WinKill Toggle option highlighted

Pick Which Windows Key to Disable With SharpKeys

Another free program gets the job done, as well. Go this route if you want control over which key gets disabled.

  1. 1. Install SharpKeys. There’s also a ZIP version on the download page if you’d prefer to use it without installing anything.

  2. 2. Select Add.

  3. 3. Choose Special: Left Windows (E0_5B) from the left column, ensure that Turn Key Off (00_00) is selected in the right column, and select OK.

    special left windows highlighted in sharpkeys

    To disable the right Windows key, repeat these last two steps for Special: Right Windows (E0_5C).

  4. 4. Choose Write to Registry, and then select OK on the confirmation box.

    SharpKeys log out or reboot prompt with Write to Registry and OK highlighted
  5. 5. Restart your computer or sign out to apply the changes.

If you need the key to be usable again, open SharpKeys, select the key from the list, choose Delete at the bottom, and then complete the same last two steps from above.

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