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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Change Windows 10 System Sounds and Turn Off System Sounds


Which Windows Sounds Can Be Customized In Windows 10?

Windows 10 allows you to set custom sounds for system notifications (like low battery alerts) and sound effects for actions such as closing a program or emptying the recycle bin. To help you navigate the many different kinds of system sounds, the sound settings menu divides them up into the following categories:

  • a. Windows (system): Includes sounds for things like battery notifications and instant messages.
  • b. File Explorer: Handles sounds for things like moving menu items and blocked pop-up windows.
  • c. Windows Speech Recognition: This category deals with sounds for things like turning the speech recognition feature on and off.

How to Access Windows 10 Sound Settings

The easiest way to access your Windows 10 system sound settings is to type Change System Sounds in the Windows search box, and then select Change System Sounds.

Type Change System Sounds in the Windows search box, and then select Change System Sounds.

To access the sound settings from the Windows control panel:

  1. 1. Select the Windows icon in the taskbar, then select the gear to open Windows Settings.

    The Windows 10 Start menu with Settings highlighted
  2. 2. Select System.

    The System heading in Windows 10 settings
  3. 3. Select Sound in the left pane, then select Sound Control Panel under Related Settings in the top-right corner.

    The Sound Control Panel command
  4. 4. Select the Sounds tab in the window that pops up.

    The Sounds tab

How to Customize Windows 10 Audio Settings

There are two main ways you can change your Windows 10 system sounds once you've accessed the sound settings: You can either totally turn off the system sounds, or you can adjust and change the sound effects assigned to each program event. An example of a program event would be a low battery notification.

How to Change Sound Effects for an Event in Windows 10

Once you have accessed your sound settings:

  1. 1. Select an event under Program Events.

    The Program Events heading
  2. 2. Select the box under Sounds to choose from a list, or select Browse to search your computer for your own sound effects files.

    Important: Your chosen sound effect must be in the WAV format.

    The Sounds menu and Browse button
  3. 3. Once you've selected a sound effect, select Test for a preview, then select Apply. and OK.

    The Test button

How to Turn Off the System Sounds

To turn off all of the system sounds in Windows 10:

  1. 1. In the Windows 10 sound settings, select the box under Sound Scheme, then select No Sounds.

    The No Sounds option
  2. 2. Select Apply, then select OK.

    Select Apply, then select OK.
  3. 3. To turn off the sound for individual events, select one of the options under Program Events.

    The Program Events heading
  4. 4. Select the box under Sounds. Choose None from the list that appears.

    The None option under Sounds

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